DIGH 2035 R - Technology, Culture & Society

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The evaluation for this course does not include formal seated exams, so no distance proctoring arrangements are required.

Principal theories and methods used by Science and Technology Studies (STS) scholars to examine the social and cultural shaping of technology. The substantive focus of the course is on the design, development, production, diffusion, consumption and use of technology.
Also listed as SOCI 2035.
Precludes additional credit for SOCI 2400.
Prerequisite(s): SOCI 1001 and SOCI 1002, or ANTH 1001 or ANTH 1002.

The world in which we live is thoroughly shaped by technology. Even though our daily lives are so intimately intertwined with technology we often take for granted the ways that it patterns individual and collective life. Although technology is often assumed to be separate from society, this course will help students learn how the production and use of technology shares much in common with other social practices that can be studied using the tools of sociology. As our daily lives become increasingly technologically mediated, the sociological study of technology enables us to reconsider our relationship to technology and to better understand contemporary social developments.

This course will introduce students to the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS). Through exploring several technological case studies and learning some key concepts in STS, the course aims to help students understand how technology and society are co-produced.

CRN for section R: 31344

Instructor: Carlos Novas

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