FINS 2105 R - French Reading I

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Development of reading skills, especially relating to academic texts. Basic French grammar and vocabulary. Given in English. Open to beginners. No auditors. Precludes additional credit for FREN 1006. Prerequisite(s): permission of the Department.

This course is designed to help students acquire the necessary skills in grammar and interpretation of text, as well as an extensive vocabulary base, so that they can independently read short and medium sized general articles and expository texts in French.

FINS 2105 is the first of two courses designed to give students (even those starting as complete beginners) high level reading skills so that they can confidently use French documents for their studies, work and research. The sequel to this course, FINS 3105, continues to provide further training in reading, particularly in specialized and academic texts.

CRN for section R: 32646

Instructor: Nandini Sarma

About the instructor: This course combines all of my passions and research interests: the French language, translation, alternative course delivery and technology. As an avid reader, I spent most of my childhood curled up in a couch with books on every topic and in different languages: English, Tamil, Spanish and of course French. My love of reading led me to translation studies, while my interest in technology pushed me to explore how it could be leveraged to teach and support reading skills in a second language, even with complete beginners. Reading opens up whole new worlds of research, culture, history and society; it is my pleasure and privilege to help beginners open these doors to the Francophone world.

Instructor: Aleksandra Gacesa

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