PADM 5441 F - Introduction to Policy and Program Evaluation

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The evaluation for this course does not include formal seated exams, so no distance proctoring arrangements are required.

Survey of evaluation in Canada and internationally. Topics include: Canadian context for public sector evaluation practice; approaches to research in evaluation; essentials of effective evaluation design, including logic modeling, theories of change/action, and contribution/attribution constructs.

CRN for section F: 34383

Instructor: Robert Shepherd

Robert Shepherd

About the instructor: I received an Honours BA in Politics and Business Administration from Brock University, an MA in Public Policy and Administration from Carleton University, an MBA from the University of Ottawa and a PhD in Political Science and Public Administration from the University of Toronto.

My research focuses on the interplay between ethics in government, oversight and public confidence. Building on the thoughts of Jeremy Bentham, I believe that systems that enhance transparency in decision-making make governments and their concomitant systems behave and work as they were intended. Making governments accountable means building a public service culture of integrity, service, and the willingness to provide forthright advice to elected leaders.

My research into areas of ethics in public management, accountability, governance reform and program evaluation come together in various ways, including ultimately building a public service culture of honesty and integrity. Recent reform efforts in areas such as performance measurement, deliverology, evaluation, and audit provide fertile ground for studying how these oversight systems can make a difference to improving public confidence in government.

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