PSYC 2500 T - Foundations of Developmental Psychology

Basic principles of developmental psychology with a concentration on theories and methods. Emphasis is on the psychology of childhood. Prerequisite(s): PSYC 1001 and PSYC 1002.

This course provides an introduction to the study of the child, from conception to the onset of adolescence. The course will cover basic concepts and theories of child growth and development. We will examine biological processes, cognitive development, socio-emotional development, as well as the social contexts of development (family, peers and schools).

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In-class lecture time & location:
Mondays, 8:35am to 11:25am, 624 SA

Instructor: Tina Daniels

Tina Daniels

About the instructor: Tina Daniels has been studying conflict and aggression for the last 20 years. Her interests are in the area of primary prevention. She has developed, implemented and evaluated conflict resolution programs, social skills training programs, peer mediation programs and anti-bullying programs both locally and internationally. In the last five years she has directed her attention to understanding the role social/relational aggression plays within children’s close relationships, in particular girls’ best friendships and peer networks. By better understanding the relational nature of aggression and the relationships that surround and shape children who utilize and experience aggressive strategies she hopes to be better able to teach children to deal effectively with the conflict they find in everyday life.

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