RELI 1710 T - Judaism, Christianity, Islam

A survey of the history, beliefs and practices of these major religious traditions. Precludes additional credit for RELI 1000.

In the study of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, we encounter the fascinating histories of glorious past empires and tragedies, creative theological developments and fiery debates, breath-taking art and architecture, colourful rituals, and controversial practices. This course presumes no previous knowledge about Judaism, Christianity, or Islam, but it does presuppose a burning curiosity and a high motivation to learn about these three major religions, and an openness to learn in a non-judgmental way about how different people live their lives religiously.

We will focus on the historical development, the beliefs, and the practices of each religion. Our approach will never be confessional, but historical and critical and above all respectful. You should never feel pressured to change your religious perspective, nor should you pressure each other to do so.

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In-class lecture time & location:
Thursdays, 2:35pm to 5:25pm, THB SA

Instructor: Zeba Crook

Zeba Crook

About the instructor: Religion permeates everything. It is all around us: in the news, in the way people dress, in controversies and debates on every issue, whether political, economic, social, and sometimes in how we govern our own lives. Religion generates saints and villains in equal measure, and yet so few people actually really understand their own religion, much less other people's! I love teaching this course because the subject matters in the real world, because students are naturally passionate and curious about the subject matter, and because even students who come in thinking they know their own religion learn a lot.

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