STAT 4502 A - Survey Sampling (Honours)

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Basic concepts in sampling from finite populations; simple random sampling; stratified sampling; choice of sampling unit; cluster and systematic sampling; introduction to multistage sampling; ratio estimation; sampling with unequal probabilities and with replacement; replicated sampling; related topics. Prerequisite(s): i) STAT 2559 or STAT 2509; and ii) either STAT 3559, or a grade of C + or better in STAT 3509; or permission of the School.

CRN for section A: 35315

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Time & location TBA

Instructor: Patrick Farrell

Patrick Farrell

About the instructor: As a young child growing up in Montreal, I became captivated by baseball when the city was granted a major league franchise in 1969. I also loved mathematics, and instantly became engrossed by the plethora of statistics that were recorded in the sport, from batting average for hitters to earned run average for pitchers. Over time, my interest in statistics grew, and as I studied engineering, business, and other fields, I came to view the discipline as universally applicable.

My fascination with business applications led me to pursue a Master's degree in business administration. I greatly enjoy teaching Business Statistics, as it affords me the opportunity to illustrate many of the important uses of statistics in the wide array of fields encompassed by business and management.

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