PSYC 2700 V - Introduction to Cognitive Psychology

Introduction to cognitive processes, including a survey of theories, issues, methods and findings. Topics covered may include pattern recognition, attention, imagery, learning (animal and human), memory, language, and thinking. Prerequisite(s): PSYC 1001 and PSYC 1002.

This course is an introduction to fundamental issues and research in human cognition. Topics to be covered include (but may not be limited to):
• History of cognitive psychology
• Conceptual and scientific assumptions
• Research methods in cognitive psychology
• Sensory memory
• Short term and working memory
• Long term memory
• Pattern recognition
• Human attention
• Semantic and episodic knowledge
• Mental imagery
• Basic processes in reading
• Applications of cognitive research to the real world

CRN for section V: 14667

CRN for section VOD (optional Video On Demand service): 14668

In-class lecture time & location:
Mondays, 2:35pm to 5:25pm, 103 SC

Instructor: Chris Herdman

Chris Herdman

About the instructor: Dr. Chris Herdman is a professor of cognitive science and experimental psychology at Carleton University and the scientific director of Carleton’s Visualization and Simulation (VSIM) Centre. Dr. Herdman leads an interdisciplinary team of faculty and students from the human sciences, engineering, computer science and biology. This team is focused on linking fundamental research on human perception, cognition and attention to the design, implementation and evaluation of advanced human-machine systems. Dr. Herdman is a strong advocate for collaboration between academia, industry and key government research agencies.
Dr. Herdman has been a leader in facilitating interdisciplinary R&D in the Canadian aerospace sector. Working with industry and government partners, Dr. Herdman formed a vision in which an understanding of both the strengths and the limitations of human cognitive systems are integrated into the design and implementation of next-generation pilot training systems. This vision includes training of future aerospace HQP through research teams that crossed disciplines and through joint projects with partners in the aerospace sector.

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