BIT 1400 A - Introduction to Programming and Problem Solving

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The evaluation for this course does not include formal seated exams, so no distance proctoring arrangements are required.

Introduction to basic concepts of algorithm design and computer programming in C/C++. Topics include computer architecture, algorithms and pseudocode, basic operators, variables and functions, program control with iteration and conditionals, I/O operations, text processing, structures, arrays, pointers, and debugging.
Precludes additional credit for IMD 1003, ITEC 1400, NET 1000 and PLT 1000.
Prerequisite(s): restricted to students in the B.I.T. degree program.
Lectures three hours a week, tutorial/laboratory three hours a week.

CRN for section A: 20741

Instructor: Ali Arya

Ali Arya

Instructor: Christopher Joslin

Christopher Joslin

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