1. Getting started
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    2. Your Carleton Account
    3. CuLearn
    4. Ways to Watch your Classes
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Welcome to CUOL! Below you’ll find useful information for CUOL students about getting started in your online course. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to call us at 613-520-4055, email us, or drop by the CUOL Student Centre in D299 Loeb.

Getting started

Overview Video

If you’ve registered for a Carleton University OnLine (CUOL) course, here are a few important items to consider before classes start:

Your Carleton Account

Make sure your MyCarletonOne account is set up. It gives you a Carleton email account and access to cuLearn. Learn more about activating your MyCarletonOne account.


Log in to cuLearn through the MyCarleton portal and look at the course website. Here you’ll find the syllabus, which will tell you which books to buy, assignments, deadlines, instructor contact information and more.Take careful note of assignment deadlines and midterm/exam information. If the cuLearn site is not yet open, you might find the course outline on the departmental site, or it might be available on the CUOL course list.The site may not be immediately available upon registration in the course. The instructors open the site to students once it is ready, usually shortly before classes begin or just after the first class.

Ways to Watch your Classes

Determine how you will view your lectures and test your chosen viewing method. Log in to VOD even if your course is not yet posted, try the live stream, visit the CUOL Student Centre in D299 Loeb, etc. Plan your viewing and coursework schedule – don’t fall behind!  If you are in a web-based course, your course is offered through cuLearn. Open that site as soon as you can and make sure you understand what is there and how the course operates.


Get your required textbooks. If you are not a local student, the Carleton Bookstore has an online store that allows you to search by course to determine what you need. The course outline may direct you to other sources. You can also try Haven Books, which sell used textbooks, and other online and used sources such as Amazon, Chapters, Kijiji, etc. When buying used, make sure you get the correct edition.


Exam dates are posted, once known, on our Exam Schedules page. If you are a distance student and wish to write your exams and midterms off-campus, you must apply by the deadline. If you don’t apply, you write your exams on-campus. Find out more on the Examination Services page.

CUOL Student Centre

The CUOL Student Centre provides information, assistance and support to CUOL students. Missed one of your lectures? We offer a CUOL lecture review service. We also return graded assignments and midterms to CUOL students. Find out more about the Student Centre.

Resources For Online Students

Looking for tips on taking an online course? Or some useful links for online students? Our Resources page is the place to go! Need academic advising? Contact the Student Academic and Career Development Services’ Advising Centre. The Centre for Student Academic Support can also help with tutorials, workshops and other resources.

Library Resource Access

If you’re a distance student and don’t have a Carleton Campus Card, email cuol@carleton.ca using your Carleton email account to request one. Be sure to include your student number. You need to have a card made in order to use the Library’s online resources. If you already have a valid campus card, you can log in to the Library’s databases with your MyCarleton One username and password.