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Welcome back to a new school year and a new term with CUOL!

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Meet award-winning CUOL instructor Wayne Horn 

Professor Wayne Horn is one of the many award-winning instructors you might come across when taking an online course with CUOL. Prof. Horn currently teaches STAT 2606: Business Statistics I and STAT 2607: Business Statistics II along with Prof. Patrick Farrell. Below he explains how he developed a passion for mathematics and statistics and how he hopes to share that same enthusiasm for the subject with his students.

I fell in love with math at a very early age. I viewed it like a game with very clear rules, and I found it deeply satisfying that every math problem always had one correct answer.

While in the second year of pursuing my honours BA in mathematics, I was required to take a course in probability and statistics as a requirement for my degree. Up to that point in my life, mathematics had painted me a picture of an ideal world where everything was certain. Probability and statistics showed me the other side of the coin by using mathematics to study the uncertainty that is inherent in almost every aspect of our lives. I quickly saw a topic that could not only help me to improve my poker game, but that could be used to make real-world decisions in every field imaginable!

I love the fact that statistical analysis is so universally applicable because it affords me the ability to remain a student and continue learning about other areas of study where I can apply my knowledge.

I first experienced the satisfaction of helping others learn as a contract instructor while completing my PhD in statistics at Western University. The first time I saw a student’s look of confusion and frustration melt into a wide-eyed, open-mouth “Eureka!” expression, I knew I wanted to be an educator for the rest of my life.

I wanted to create an online version of a statistics course to challenge myself to grow as an educator. I know that the most effective way to learn isn’t the same for every person, and I hope that creating an online version of a statistics course will offer a more convenient and effective way for some students to learn the material.

If you’re interested in taking one of Prof. Horn’s online courses, visit the CUOL website for a list of upcoming offerings. 


Online workshops to help you get ready for the new school year

By: Bianca Chan

The Centre for Student Academic Support (CSAS) is a place for students to go when they need help, whether its individual or group support, writing services, or if you just feel like chatting about books and learning.

Now that we’ve gotten acquainted with CSAS, you should go to the centre’s website and check out their online workshop series. Why? Because these online workshops can help you develop certain skills that will make learning easier. Did I mention that it’s also completely free?

If becoming a more productive and thorough learner isn’t enough to convince you to do these workshops, there’s another reason. If you complete any five workshops, including the online ones, you can apply for the Skills for Academic Success Certificate on your Co-Curricular Record. Sounds impressive, right? It’s an extra record received upon graduation that shows involvement in extracurricular activities at school including volunteer work, leadership development and community service learning, a representative at CSAS said.

CSAS has developed six different online workshops: academic integrity, academic reading, note-taking, learning preferences, test and exam prep, and time management. Each workshop takes approximately 40-45 minutes to complete. Find out more about each workshop below.

Academic integrity: Students will learn about Carleton’s Academic Integrity Policy, which, as the title suggests, promotes and encourages student academic integrity. This workshop will show students common violations and teach them how to avoid making these mistakes.

Academic reading: This workshop teaches students how to adjust to reading difficult texts, provides tools geared to improving reading skills and offers ways of organizing and understanding information.

Note-taking: This workshop will teach students how to know what details to jot down from readings and what to listen for in lectures. It will also suggest timesaving tips and organizational methods that will save time when reviewing notes.

Learning preferences: Everyone enjoys learning in different ways. Do you enjoy lectures with tons of visuals? Do you learn better listening to new information or reading about it? This workshop is designed to help students figure out and reflect upon the ways they enjoy learning and more importantly, learning how to use these new findings to their advantage.

Test and exam preparation: Tests and exams are hurdles every university student must overcome. This workshop helps you face these daunting processes by showing you how to study and prepare for exams, as well as manage test anxiety.

Time management: This workshop helps students manage time and balance commitments by using planning and scheduling tools.

To access the workshops, students must self-enroll by going to the CSAS website and following the step-by-step instructions. 


Six Carleton videos to watch between classes

Earlier this summer, the Learning Log shared some of the most memorable and entertaining Carleton videos you’ll find online.

From Daniel Alfredsson receiving an honorary doctorate degree to a very special groundhog, these six videos will provide the perfect little distraction for you in between classes.