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– So I’m registered in a CUOL course…

– CUOL Basics

– CUOL Examinations

– Making the most of CUOL

– Sounding Off: The Student Perspective


Welcome to Carleton University OnLine, better known as CUOL. This year we are celebrating our thirty-third anniversary.

Did you know that nearly 6,000 students take CUOL courses every year? That’s nearly a quarter of the student population, and the demand for these courses is steadily increasing.

It began in 1978 as Instructional Television (iTV) and distributed courses to Ottawa area homes. This instructional television program was originally a joint effort with the University of Ottawa and Algonquin College. As Carleton expanded their iTV program, the other schools chose to opt out.

MacAndrew, a CUOL student said, “The VOD service is very practical and because streaming as well as downloading is not a hassle, it makes learning more fun. Also, due to the fact that I can access these lectures anytime is very helpful as well.” Also, unlike large classes, CUOL allows students to review the course lectures over and over again, giving them a chance to reflect on what was said at the lecture.

Students of CUOL courses reap the same benefits as a regular lecture at Carleton: they have a relationship with their professor via email or by other Internet communication protocols, they can participate in discussion forums, and they can communicate with professors and TAs through WebCT.

The ability to attend class without the hassle of travelling across campus, weighed down by textbooks, and facing whatever elements nature throws at you is foremost for some students. Like many other students, Caitlin appreciates the convenience of learning at home: “It’s amazing, it allows you to focus more on the actual lecture in the comfort of your own home rather than in class where it is easy to lose concentration.”

CUOL is perfect for on-campus students who have conflicting schedules and cannot take all of the necessary classes for their program due to overlapping class times.

CUOL is also very popular for distance students, as they can live away from Carleton, work full-time and take courses towards their degree all at once. Joelle said it best: “Great service for those of us who are part-time due to hectic work schedules: one of the main reasons I chose Carleton!”

by Nestor B. Querido, CUOL

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So I’m registered in a CUOL course!

– Determine how you will view your lectures (see CUOL Basics below).

– If you are a distance student and wish to write your exams and midterms off-campus, apply by the deadline

– Test your chosen viewing method: log in to VOD even if your course is not yet posted, tune to Channel 243 on Rogers, try the Webcast, visit the CUOL Student Centre in D299 Loeb…

– Visit your course website for your course information (WebCT)

– Get your required textbooks (see WebCT for your course outline, use the Carleton Bookstore or other source to purchase your texts)

– Take note of assignment deadlines and midterm/exam information

– Plan your viewing and coursework schedule – don’t let yourself fall behind!

– Get hints and support on making the most of Online Courses (see Making the Most of CUOL)

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CUOL Basics

How do I watch my lectures?

• Watch the class on Rogers Digital Cable (channel 243 is part of the basic digital package), or

• Watch the course stream online during regular broadcast on the CUOL website, or

• Subscribe to Video On Demand for flexible online access.  Once subscribed ($50 per course per term), go to the VOD login page here and use your WebCT username and password to get to your course list.

• Attend the class if you are registered in the on-campus section (note to CUOL section students: you are welcome to sit in on a class if there are seats available!  Look for the on-campus class in Carleton Central for locations and times) or

• View your lectures for free at the VOD kiosks located in the CUOL Student Centre (D299 Loeb)

• Web-only courses (CHEM 3201 and CDNS 2210) – get your materials through WebCT!

• Use Pay-Per-Lecture to rent occasional missed lectures online for one week via the CUOL website using your campus card ($6 per lecture week);

• Rent course lecture DVDs from the CUOL Student Centre ($2.49 per week, Fall only)

What is Video on Demand (VOD)?

• VOD subscribers have online access to CUOL course lectures –anytime, anywhere within the academic term in which the course is being offered. VOD gives students the ability to stream or download individual lectures onto their computer.

I would like to subscribe to VOD.  How do I do it?

• Add the appropriate Video On Demand section to your registration in Carleton Central.  For instance, if you are in the T section, add the TOD section.  If you are in the A section, add the AOD.  If Carleton Central has closed, go to How to add VOD Registration and fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

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CUOL Examinations

Please note: local CUOL students do not need to register for examinations

Distance (off-campus) Exams:

Eligible students who require distance examinations must ensure that the appropriate examination application is received by the CUOL office before September 22nd, 2011,  the deadline for Fall 2011 half-credit and full-credit CUOL courses, and January 18th, 2012, the deadline for Winter 2010 half-credit courses. Please go to the CUOL website to fill out the distance application form.

You must be in the T or V section of the course to receive the distance application form.

Examination Fees

– Per course charge of $60.00 for Fall 2011/Winter 2012 (off-campus in Canada)

– Per course charge of $125.00 for Fall 2011/Winter 2012 (U.S. International)

– Additional costs for overseas exams may incur; CUOL will advise students of courier charges if necessary

– Deferred or make-up examinations are not handled by CUOL; please contact your instructor.

– Please note that the personalized exam times given in Carleton Central do not apply to Distance Students.

– For more information, please contact cuolexams@carleton.ca

Study Tips

Don’t wait until midterms start to prepare for writing tests!  You can do it as you go through the course, using some of these tips:

• Don’t cram!  Short term memory can’t retain everything you need to know for University exams or midterms.

• Start studying in advance; breaking the course material into segments allows you to review as you go.

• Organize the main ideas of the course, then follow with sub-topics and supporting details.  It is much easier to retain organized material.

• Practice with what you learn!  Give yourself tests, write out term definitions, solve problems using the course material – it helps you retain and draw out the information when you need it.

• Try to avoid taking in new material right before an exam or midterm.  In online courses, that means making sure you don’t procrastinate and find yourself watching new lectures too close to the test!

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Making the Most of CUOL

Whether you are a new or returning CUOL student, you are bound to need some advice to help keep on track with your university courses. Follow these tips and your online learning experience will be a success!

Prepare your “viewing” environment
Since your classroom is your computer or TV, make your “viewing” area conducive to learning so you can get the most out of your CUOL course.

For example, do you require silence? Need specific materials ready, etc.?

Create a “viewing” habit
Schedule a specific time of the day for your “class time”, and view your lecture from start to finish. Make it a regular part of your weekly routine. If you try to view the lectures all at once, chances are that there will never be any time to finish viewing them.

Contact your Instructor or TA
If you have any questions about the course, your Instructor and T.A. can help. You can find contact information for CUOL instructors on WebCT, on course outlines, and on the CUOL web site (www.cuol.ca).

Keep up-to-date with announcements
Not only should you follow your course outline, but watch for upcoming deadlines and important course information as announced on WebCT, course websites, Connect email, the CUOL website, and/or the CUOL newsletter.

Always plan ahead
Make sure you are aware of course assignment deadlines and midterm/final exam periods.

Designate specific blocks of time for studying, rather than trying to “cram” right before the exam takes place. If you are taking midterm exams at a distance (off-campus), make sure you know what is required of you for taking off-campus exams. You can read all about the requirements at the CUOL website


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Sounding Off: The Student Perspective

“On-campus courses vs. CUOL courses”

Just how different are these learning environments? Sure, the on-campus advantages mean that you receive an immediate interactive experience in the classroom with classmates and instructors; the campus community is certainly an important aspect of your university experience. But consider the CUOL advantages for a moment. Not only does the service offer flexibility in your schedule, it gives you convenient online access and the opportunity to review course lectures multiple times, just in case you miss something or it doesn’t sink in right away. You can still contact the Instructor and T.A.s via email, if you have questions.

And, if you’re worried that you might lose touch with the social experience, keep in mind that the CUOL Student Centre on campus provides group study space, and its VOD viewing room, open 24/7, puts you next to students who are in the same situation as you. If you ask me, the CUOL experience is definitely worth a try.”              –  Gina Freitag, M.A

New Faculty Members Join CUOL

Carleton University Online is adding to its team of Instructors. Watch for these fresh faces in your CUOL course classrooms:

• Susan Braedley    SOWK 1000V

• Cheryl Harasymchuk    PSYC/NEUR 2001T

• Kim Hellemans    PSYC/NEUR 2200V

• Matthew Holahan    PSYC/NEUR 2200T & NEUR 3204V

• Jeff Manthorpe    CHEM 3201 (Online only)

• Jenelle Power      PSYC 2400T

• Claire Samson      ERTH 2415V

• Haitham Tamim  BUSI 1402T

• Kelly Taylor          PSYC 3402 T

• Peter Thompson  CDNS 2210 (Online only)

2011 – 2012 CUOL Courses

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