1. Examination Services
  2. Eligibility for Distance Exams
    1. Local vs. Distance Students
    2. Steps for Distance Exams
  3. Securing a Proctor
    1. Criteria for Selecting a Proctor
    2. Process and Responsibilities
  4. Distance Exam Fees and Deadlines
    1. Distance Exam Service Charges
    2. Distance Exam Application Deadlines
    3. Timing of Exams and Midterms
  5. Online Application Form
  6. Rules and Regulations
  7. International Students

Examination Services

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Eligibility for Distance Exams

You are eligible to write a distance exam if:

  • You live at least 100 km away from the university, and
  • You are enrolled in the CUOL section of the course, that is the T, V, R or web section, and
  • You are able and willing to secure a proctor.

Local vs. Distance Students

Local Students Distance Students
Students who live within a 100 km radius of campus Students living more than 100 km from campus
Must write their exams on campus Can arrange to write their exams under the supervision of an approved proctor 
Local students registered with the Paul Menton Centre (PMC) will have their exam arrangements made by the McIntyre Exam Centre (MEC) Must complete and submit the online distance exam application, each term, by the deadline
If no arrangement is made, exam must be written on campus
Students must be registered in the CUOL section (T, V, R or web-based) to qualify for distance exams

Steps for Distance Exams

  1. Determine if you are eligible for distance exams:
    • You live at least 100 km away (or more) from campus;
    • You are enrolled in the CUOL section of the course, that is the T, V, R or web section; and
    • You are able and willing to secure a proctor.
  2. Secure a proctor
  3. Review the fees and deadlines
  4. Complete and submit the online distance exam application

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Securing a Proctor

You will need to find a proctor for your exam only if:

  • You are a distance student (i.e. you live more than 100 km from campus); AND
  • You are registered in a CUOL course section T, V, R or web-based

Exams must be written in the presence of a qualified proctor at the proctor’s place of employment.

CUOL reserves the right to refuse any proctor it deems inappropriate.

Criteria for Selecting a Proctor

Acceptable Unacceptable
A suitable proctor is someone currently employed full-time in an academic or administrative capacity at a university, college or public library Students and proctors may not be related in any way and may not reside at the same address.
Selected from our List of Potential Proctors Employers, coaches, friends and business associates may not be proctors.

Process and Responsibilities


There are two ways you can find a proctor:

(1) You may search for your own proctor, provided you choose a proctor who meets our selection criteria. Or,

(2) You can choose a proctor from our pre-approved list, which is located within the distance application itself.

Once you have secured a proctor, you will need to do the following:

  1. Make arrangements with your proctors for your exam dates and ask about their fees. Ask your proctor what their fee is and how it may be paid because CUOL does not pay the proctors.
  2. If you intend to use the same proctor for your midterms and final exams, we recommend notifying the proctor of Carleton’s final exam period when booking your midterms. If possible, book all midterms in the same correspondence with the proctor
  3. Proctor information must be submitted with the distance application. CUOL sends exams to proctors so it is important to know where to send
  4. Notify CUOLExams@carleton.ca if you change proctors, or if there are any changes to your proctoring arrangements
  5. Contact your professor for permission to write on a different day if your testing centre is not open the day of your exam
  6. Follow up with your proctor 1 week before exam(s) to ensure arrangements are still in place
  7. Pay your proctor

Recommended: You will need to contact your proctor of choice and confirm that they are indeed available on the midterm date, AND during the final exam period. It is recommended that you book all midterm exams in the same correspondence with the proctor. Once the final exam schedule is released, contact your proctor once again to schedule all of your distance final exams.

Important: Although you are writing your exam from a distance, you are expected to write your midterm and final exams on the same days as students who write on campus. The start time can vary depending on your time zone and what works best for you and your proctor.


  • Send exams to proctoring sites
  • Respond to inquiries from students and proctors
  • CUOL will also communicate information with the proctor


  • Receives exam via courier or email
  • Returns exam to CUOL
  • Confirm that the student has booked with them

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Distance Exam Fees and Deadlines

In addition to tuition fees, service charges are levied by CUOL to recover the costs incurred for the distance exam service. All fees will be billed to your Carleton University Student Account.

Distance Exam Service Charges

Amount Type Description
$60 Distance Exam Fee (charged per course, per term)
$25 Late Fee (per student, charged for applications submitted past the deadline)
$25 Change Fee (this additional shipping fee will be charged if there are any last minute changes. Be sure to inform CUOLExams@carleton.ca immediately)
$$ Proctor Fee* Contact your proctor for their fees

If you drop your course, contact CUOLExams@carleton.ca to determine if you are eligible for a credit to your student account. If you decide to write your exam on campus, please inform CUOLExams@carleton.ca and your proctor or test centre.

*Important: Proctor fees are set by the proctor, and are not in anyway associated with CUOL fees. Please note that the fees will range depending on the proctor and location.

Distance Exam Application Deadlines

Winter 2020 Summer 2020
January 18th (winter courses) May 16th (early summer and fall courses)
July 10th (late summer courses)

Distance applications received after the deadline will be considered. If your application is accepted, a $25 late fee applies.

For additional information, please see the university’s Dates and Deadlines.

Timing of Exams and Midterms

Students in the on-campus class and the CUOL sections write at the same time. CUOL midterms are scheduled Friday evenings, Saturdays and Sundays. Distance students write on the same day as the CUOL on-campus section. Any exception to this must be approved by the instructor.

Final exams are handled by Scheduling and Examination Services (SES) and may fall on any day of the week within the formal exam period. For the formal exam period, see the Registrar’s Office’s dates and deadlines.

CUOL exam dates are posted on our Exam Schedules page.

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Online Application Form

The online application form for distance exams should only be submitted after you have secured a proctor.

Rules and Regulations

For more information, please review the CUOL Distance Exams Rules and Regulations PDF document.

International Students

For international students, distance exams must be written on same day as students who write on campus. The time can be flexible to accommodate the proctors hours of operation. Permission from the instructor is required to write on a different day.

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