Locating A Proctor for Your Distance Exam

CUOL students who live outside a 100 km radius of Carleton University must write their exams in the presence of a qualified proctor.  Proctor information must be submitted with the application. A suitable proctor is someone currently employed full-time in an academic or administrative capacity at a university, college or public library. Students and proctors MAY NOT be related in any way and MAY NOT reside at the same address.

Employers, coaches, friends and business associates MAY NOT be proctors.

CUOL reserves the right to refuse any proctor it deems inappropriate.

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How is the Exam Sent to the Proctor?

Courier:  Exams are in most cases sent by courier (all exams in Canada and the US).  Exam packages for proctors include an exam envelope, packaging and prepaid courier waybill for the return of the completed examination to CUOL.  In regards to shipped exams, please note the following:

  • All CUOL exams must be written at the proctor’s place of employment (e.g. college, university, public library) and must be written at that location. No exams can be written at a proctor’s place of residence;
  • Exams CANNOT be transported by the proctor to another location; and
  • Exams CANNOT be shipped to PO Boxes or residential addresses.

Email:  In some cases (e.g. International exams), exams are sent to the proctor by secure (password protected) email.  In terms of emailed exams, please note the following:

  • CUOL DOES NOT correspond with or send exams to public email accounts (e.g. gmail, yahoo, etc.). A proctor that does not have a formal (business) email address will not be accepted;

Other Important Information

  • Students writing with an individual proctor are required to write their exams according to the dates noted on the on-campus exam schedule and should contact their proctor at least one week in advance of the exam to confirm the start time.
  • Any fees charged by the proctor for their services are the responsibility of the student.
  • All calls, inquiries and conflicts are directed to CUOL.
  • Failure to write a midterm examination MAY result in a final grade of FNS. Failure to write a final examination WILL result in a final grade of ABS.

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