CUOL Distance Examinations Rules and Regulations

Carleton University is committed to ensuring fairness and consistency in the completion of examinations. As part of this commitment, students are required to follow the following procedures:

Proper examination procedures

  • You must submit an application for distance examination services by the published deadlines via the Distance Exam Application. You will not be permitted to write the examination without the proper authorization. In addition to the exam service fee charged by CUOL, you are also responsible to pay all additional fees directly to your proctor.
  • As a record of attendance, you must present your Carleton University Campus Card and sign the proof of attendance memo. You may not leave the exam room before doing so.
  • You may not enter the examination room after the first half-hour of the examination.
  • You may not bring to your seat in the examination room, or during the examination refer to, any books, papers, audio or electronic devices or other aids unless the use of such material/equipment is authorized by the examiner on the examination paper. You must leave all brief cases, large purses, books, pencil cases, calculator cases, etc. either outside the examination room or in a place specified by the proctor(s).
  • You may not bring any food or drink into the examination room without the written authorization of a physician or a PMC letter of accommodation.
  • You may not communicate in any manner with anyone except proctors or instructors from the time your examination begins until your completed examination has been collected by a proctor.
  • If you have doubts about the meaning or completeness of a question, supply the material you believe you need to answer the question and state your assumption at the beginning of your answer.
  • The only time you may leave the examination room with the intention of returning is to use the washroom. If you become ill or receive word of a domestic emergency during an examination, hand in your answer books at once to a proctor and request that your examination be cancelled. In the case of illness, arrange immediately for a medical examination so that you will have a medical certificate to support any request for a deferred examination. Applications for deferred final examinations must be made in writing at the Registrar’s Office by the deadline shown in the Undergraduate Calendar.
  • When you have completed your examination, give the proctor(s) all used and unused answer books and/or answer sheets and the question paper (if required) before leaving the examination room. Ensure that all answer books and/or answer sheets are collected and accounted for.

Questions or concerns can be directed to Caroline Andison, CUOL Exam Coordinator at 613-520-2600 ext. 2194 or email