Are CUOL courses normal credit courses?

Yes! You can see the credit weight for the course in the course description and when you register in Carleton Central. However, we do have some open access courses that have no credit weight. They are offered through the eCarleton portal.

What is the cost?

CUOL courses cost the same in tuition as any credit course on campus. However, depending on what services you require, you may need to pay for Video On Demand access and/or distance exam arrangements.

How do I sign up for a course?

You need to become a student at Carleton to take a CUOL course, whether as a Special Student or a student in a degree program. See our Registration page for more.

I would like to do a full degree online. Can I do that at Carleton?

While Carleton offers a number of credit courses online, we don’t have a fully online undergraduate program. If you wish to complete a full undergraduate program online, you may want to look into the eCampus Ontario portal for online courses and programs at Ontario Institutions or the Canadian Virtual University (CVU). CVU is an association of Canada’s leading universities specializing in online and distance education.

Carleton offers graduate programs and certificates, such as the Master of Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership and Indigenous Policy and Administration, which can be taken in a flexible format involving summer institutes at Carleton and interactive online learning. See our program page for more details.

I won’t be in Canada. Can I still take the course?

As long as the course has no on-campus requirement, you can take the course outside the country or at a distance within Canada. You will need to have reliable Internet access and you will need to arrange to write any proctored tests with a local approved proctor. For more details see the “Distance Students” section on our How CUOL Works page.

Courses with on-campus requirements, such as a lab, are indicated in the course list, along with the annotation “not suitable for distance.”

Can I take a CUOL course when I am a student from another university?

Yes! You can do so using a letter of permission from your home university. See the Registrar’s page for Visiting Students for more information and for details on the exchange system between the University of Ottawa and Carleton.

What is the difference between “web-based” and other CUOL courses?

Many CUOL courses are based on lectures recorded live in the classroom. The course experience with these is very similar to actually attending classes on campus, even though the lectures are accessed online. Web-based course were designed to be offered solely online, so there was never a live lecture-based class to record. Instead, web-based courses are made up of various active online components, which can include readings, activities, discussions, assignments, demonstrations and more.

I’m trying to register in a CUOL course. The V section is full but there is room in the VOD section. Why can’t I sign up?

The V section is the credit section of the class itself. The VOD section is an added service, with no credit value, that gives Video On Demand access to students in that class. There may be space in the VOD section, but you can’t take it without already being registered in the credit section (V). If the V section is full, you won’t be able to register in either one.

Why is my class time “TBA” or “unscheduled”? How do I find out when it is?

CUOL sections don’t have an assigned time in Carleton Central as students can view their lectures in a number of ways and can often choose their time. This means the class does not appear at a fixed time in the timetable.

If the CUOL section is based on a recorded class, you can find out when that class occurs by looking in the Carleton Central class schedule for the on-campus section. There will be a note beside this section saying “this section recorded for CUOL.”

When will I see the course website on cuLearn?

Most (not all) courses have a website in cuLearn where students can find discussions, course outlines, assignments, grades and more. The site may not be immediately available upon registration in the course. The instructors open the site to students once it is ready, usually shortly before classes begin or just after the first class.

I’m a distance student and I can’t log in to the Library to use the database. Why not?

If you don’t have a campus card, you won’t be able to log in to the Library system. If you are a distance student and don’t come to campus, CUOL can arrange to have a non-photo ID card made for you. Email with your student number and mailing address to request one (please use your Carleton email address). Once the card is made you will be able to log in to the online databases.

I’m a University of Ottawa student taking a course as part of a shared program. I can’t register for the Video On Demand service in Carleton Central. How do I add it?

Contact Graduate Studies and ask them for the Video On Demand service. It will be added and you will need to pay the VOD charge through your Carleton University student account.