Watching your Lectures

When you take a course online at Carleton, there are two types of courses:

  1. One type is called “web-based,” meaning it was designed to be offered online through various modules.  These courses are accessed through cuLearn.
  2. The other type of course is recorded in a classroom while the classroom lecture is taking place. The recorded lecture is then made available in a variety of ways, both paid and free. Choose your means of viewing lectures in advance so you can get started as soon as possible!

Service Cost Location Schedule Number of Lectures Registration
Pay Per Lecture Paid Online Anytime One Not Required
Video on Demand (VOD) Paid Online Anytime Full Term Required
Live Stream Free Online Scheduled Unlimited Not Required
Web Channel Free Online Scheduled Unlimited Not Required
Student Viewing Centre Free Loeb D299 Anytime Unlimited Not Required

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