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    3. Narrowing Search Criteria
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Course Registration

All course registration must be completed through Carleton Central. In order to register for classes, you will first need to ensure that your MyCarletonOne account has been activated. Once logged in to Carleton Central, you will be able to select and register for courses.

If you would like to register for a CUOL course, you will need to decide on which course you want to enroll in, and then register for the course in Carleton Central. You can use the CUOL Course List to browse available courses.

Step by Step – Registration

    1. Log in to Carleton Central
    2. Under registration, go to “build your timetable/registration”
    3. Choose the term and click “proceed to search”
    4. Search by the course number of the course you want to register in. If you have the CRN (course registration number) you can search using that.
    5. When the list comes up, look for the CUOL or Web section. You can tell which is which by looking at the section information.
    6. To watch your lectures using the Video on Demand (VOD) service, you will also need to register for VOD in Carleton Central.
    7. Click the box beside the section(s) you want, select “proceed to worksheet.” Review the selections, and if they are correct, click on “proceed to registration” and then “submit.”

Slideshow of Carleton Central Searches

On-campus Sections

For recorded courses, there will be an on-campus section that says “this section will be recorded for CUOL.” You would register for that if you intend to go to the class and have the option of reviewing lectures online. You will also see a Video on Demand section for the in-class (for instance, if it is section B, there will be a BOD section). Add that if you want to pay the fee stated and have flexible access to the lectures as well as attending class.

Narrowing Search Criteria

You can narrow the search to online courses only if you select “show online courses” under “special criteria.” You won’t see the in-class sections in that case, just the web-based and recorded online courses.

Understanding the Course Sections

Type Credit Description
Web-only courses Yes These courses are accessed through cuLearn, Carleton’s Learning Management System. They usually have the section letter R, but some use different section letters. The notes will indicate that it is an online/web-based course.
Section T or V Yes The CUOL section of a course that is recorded on campus and made available online.

NOTE: Distance students should be registered in the T/V section, as should local students who do not regularly attend the on-campus class.

Section TOD or VOD No The Video On Demand service for students registered in the T or V section. These sections appear when you do a class search, and you can select the section to add to your registration.

NOTE: You must be registered in the T or V section first!

On-campus section Yes There is also an on-campus section of the course which will have another letter. It is identified in Carleton Central by the words “this course will be recorded for CUOL.” For students registered in the on-campus section, the primary means of accessing the lectures is by attending the class, although they can use CUOL services as a supplementary way to view lectures.

NOTE: Distance students must not register for the in-class section.

Section ?OD No The Video On Demand service for students registered in the on-campus section (where ? is the letter of the on-campus section). They usually appear as a separate section. For some, you will find the CRN (course registration number) for the OD section in the “section information” of the on-campus section. You can add it by going to Add/Drop classes in Carleton Central registration, and entering the CRN into the “add classes worksheet.”

NOTE: You must be registered in the on-campus section first!

Labs/Tutorials No Some online courses require registration in their corresponding lab and/or tutorial.

NOTE: Most of these are online, but occasionally a course has a lab that must be attended on campus. In this case, the course is not suitable for distance students. This will be noted on the CUOL course list.

Note that the Video On Demand sections are not credit sections, they are merely services. You must be registered in the on-campus or T/V section in order to add the matching Video On Demand section. If you drop the class, make sure you drop class itself, not just the Video On Demand section.

CUOL classes can have caps, so you may find the class is full even though the Video On Demand service is open.

If you want to have Video On Demand access but you miss the registration deadline, you can still add the service through our own registration page (but only after Carleton Central is closed for registration).

CUOL also offers an online Pay Per Lecture service to access occasional missed lectures.

Registration examples

  • A student in Manotick wanting to take ECON 1001 and view the lectures online at the time of the on-campus class would register in section V only. He/she would go to the live stream for the classroom to watch the lecture while the class is being held. She/he would write the exam at the regularly scheduled time at the Carleton campus.
  • A distance student in Toronto wanting to take LAWS 1002 with the Video On Demand service would register in section V, V1 (online discussion group), and VOD. He/she would then apply for distance exams through the CUOL website by the deadline, and would write the exam with a local approved proctor.  He/she would log in and view the lectures online at the time that worked best with his/her schedule.
  • A student in Ottawa wanting to take PSYC 2001 and attend the lectures on campus, but also wanting to be able to view the lectures online as a back-up, would register in section A and AOD (if A is the one specified as being recorded for CUOL).  He/she would write the exam on campus. He/she could log in and review the lectures online at any time.
  • A distance student in Saudi Arabia wanting to take PSYC 2002 would register in sections V and VOD. He/she would then apply for distance exams through the CUOL website by the deadline, and would write the exam under the invigilation of a local approved proctor. He/she would log in and view the lectures online at the time that worked best with his/her schedule.

Getting started

Once you’ve registered for a CUOL course, be sure to check out our Current Students page for important resources to make sure you’re ready for your first session.

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