1. Is your question about…
    1. Watching Lectures
    2. Technical Problems
    3. Registering for Online Courses
    4. Renting Lectures
    5. Paying for Lectures
    6. Missing Lectures
  2. What do we mean by?
    1. Online Courses
    2. Web Courses
    3. Recorded Lectures
    4. Live Stream
    5. Web Channel
    6. Pay Per Lecture

Is your question about…

Watching Lectures

Technical Problems

Registering for Online Courses

Renting Lectures

Paying for Lectures

Missing Lectures

What do we mean by?

Online Courses

We offer web-based courses and online courses recorded in the classroom. You can see the listing of the online courses to see our current offerings. Click on each course to find out more about it.

Web Courses

Web Courses, also referred to as “web-based” courses, are courses designed to be delivered online rather than in the classroom. Content for these courses is managed by the instructor and delivered through CuLearn. Some courses may have recorded lectures, however these are not hosted through CUOL. If you need more information on recorded lectures within Web Courses, review the CULearn page or contact the instructor. To see what we offer in this way, go to our course listing page and click on the button that says “show only web-based courses.”

Recorded Lectures

Recorded lectures are the classes that are recorded in an on-campus class and then made available online. There are different options for viewing those lectures. To see what we offer in this way, go to our course listing page and click on the button that says “show only recorded courses.”

Live Stream

We offer a live stream service for real-time viewing while the class taking place.  This can be watched freely online at the CUOL streaming page at the time of the on-campus lecture.

Web Channel

One of the ways of watching our online lectures for free is to use the web channel. We show lectures at set times after the class is recorded.  To see the web channel and find the schedule, go to the web channel page. This method of viewing is open to anyone – just go to the page at the scheduled time of the lecture you want to see.

Pay Per Lecture

Pay Per Lecture is our individual lecture rental service. It gives you streaming access to a lecture for one week, which you buy online using your student card. It is worthwhile if you only need a few lectures over the semester. If you want to view online regularly, Video On Demand is a much better deal!

Still have questions? Please email cuol@carleton.ca, call us at 613-520-4055, or come in to the CUOL Student Centre in D299 Loeb!

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