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Paid Viewing Options

There are several ways to access recorded lectures for free such as the CUOL Student Centre located at Loeb D299, our Web Channel, and the Live Stream when the class is being recorded. All of these options are free, and do not require additional registration.

However, we offer some paid viewing options which give added convenience. They are video on demand (VOD), which allows you to stream and/or download lectures whenever you want, and pay per lecture, which allows you full streaming access to an individual lecture for one week.

Video on Demand (VOD)

What is VOD?

Video on Demand, “VOD”, is a paid subscription service (paid per term through Carleton Central) that allows you to view pre-recorded lectures. To access VOD, you can log in through our website and view lectures online at any time. The lectures are normally posted within one business day of the on-campus class and remain available all term.

Accessing VOD

Have a valid MyCarletonOne account
This allows you access to Carleton Central where you will need to go to register for your courses, including CUOL recorded lectures. It is also the credentials you will need to login to the VOD siteIf your regular username and password isn’t working, you can try resetting your MyCarletonOne password. If the problem persists, please contact vod@carleton.ca

Register for your course and the video on demand section
Registration must be done through Carleton Central so long as registration is open. If Carleton Central course registration is closed, then you can sign-up through the VOD portal that is made available only when Carleton Central is closed for course registration.

Connect to Video on Demand (VOD)
Log in to the VOD site, then choose your course, and select the lecture you want to watch. You can stream or download your lectures.

Watching VOD

Streaming Lectures

Once you see your course, click on “play beside the lecture you want to view. The lecture will open in a player on your computer or device. See our player controls page for tips on the player, such as changing the speed.

Downloading Lectures

Can I download the lectures and view them later?

Yes, you can download and view the lectures on your computer at a later time. The downloadable version can be stored and watched on your computer.

For downloads, you can simply click on the link in the download column and a dialog box should appear. You can choose HD for a high definition file or SD for a standard definition file, which would be smaller. Choose a location where you would like to save the lecture (Desktop, Videos, etc) and click Save. Once the download is complete your computer may open the file for you automatically or you can choose from any of the recommended players below. If you’re having trouble downloading of if the lecture file is opening directly in the browser or a new tab, you can try right clicking on the “download” link (may vary from browser to browser) and repeating the saving steps above!

Recommended video players: Windows Media Player on Windows 10, VLC (Windows and Mac) or any other player that supports mp4 h264 files.

To download to a tablet, save the file to your computer and then sync the file (for example, for IOS devices, download it into your iTunes library and then sync your device to transfer the file).

Login to VOD

Alternative ways to watch lectures

Video on Demand (VOD) is the only viewing method that requires registration through Carleton Central for both the on-campus recorded section of the course (T/V), and the subscription section of the course (TOD/VOD).

Pay Per Lecture allows you to rent lectures on an individual basis, but requires registration through Carleton Central of the on-campus recorded section of the course (T/V).

Pay Per Lecture

Pay per lecture is a service that allows you to watch one pre-recorded lecture at a fixed price.

While not cost-effective for regular viewing, you can rent individual lectures online if you miss a class.

For regular viewing, CUOL recommends that you subscribe to the VOD service, which will give you full access to your course for the entire term.

If ITS updates are being performed, new rentals cannot be processed (see service updates for information).

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