1. Video on Demand (VOD) Registration
    1. How-to Video
    2. On-campus CUOL Class
  2. If Carleton Central is closed
    1. How-to Video
  3. Understanding the Course Sections

Video on Demand (VOD) Registration

You subscribe to the VOD service for your courses in Carleton Central. In order to do this:

  1. Log in to Carleton Central
  2. Launch a class search by selecting “build your timetable/registration”
    • Search by course number (for example, select Psychology, enter 2001 in the course number box, then search).
    • Note: you can limit the search to online courses by going to advanced options, and under session type, click all three of CUOL, Video On Demand and Web.
    • Select multiple Session Types by holding the CTRL key on your keyboard for Windows and the Command key for MACs
  3. Register in the course itself – section T or V.
    • If you are already registered in the class, continue to the next step
    • The T section refers to Fall term or Early Summer half courses
    • The V section refers to Winter term and Late Summer half course and Full Credit courses
  4. Add the matching Video On Demand service by registering in the section TOD or VOD for the course.
    • You will be in both T and TOD, or V and VOD – for example, PSYC 2001 T and PSYC 2001 TOD.
    • The Video On Demand service charge will then be added directly to your Student Account and can be paid in the same manner as tuition and other applicable student fees.
    • Note that the Video On Demand section has no credit weight, as it is just a service. The Video On Demand service is optional and a fee applies.
    • Your registration will take effect on the Video On Demand site the next day, so you won’t see the lectures on the day you register.

How-to Video

On-campus CUOL Class

Students taking the on-campus section of a course recorded for CUOL may also register for the Video On Demand service. The applicable on-campus section will be identified in the section comments (“this course will be recorded for CUOL”).

  • There will either be a matching “OD” section (e.g. COD for section C) or the CRN for the matching Video On Demand section will be given in the section comments.
  • To add the service once you are registered in the in-class section, either select and add the matching “OD” section or enter the provided CRN in the “Add Classes Worksheet” in Carleton Central and click submit.

Please note: Distance Students must not register in the on-campus section of the course. They must register in the CUOL section.

If Carleton Central is closed

If Carleton Central has closed for registrations, you can request the VOD service be added by logging in through the VOD registration page  with your cuLearn login and password. Note that it will add VOD registration for the current term, not for upcoming terms. If Carleton Central is still open for registration, no login will appear on the page.

How-to Video

Understanding the Course Sections

Type Credit Description
Web-only courses Yes These courses are accessed through cuLearn, Carleton’s Learning Management System. They usually have the section letter R, but some use different section letters. The notes will indicate that it is an online/web-based course.
Section T or V Yes Is the CUOL section of a course that is recorded on campus and made available online.

NOTE: Distance students should be registered in the T/V section, as should local students who do not regularly attend the on-campus class.

Section TOD or VOD No Is the Video On Demand service for students registered in the T or V section. These sections appear when you do a class search, and you can select the section to add to your registration.

NOTE: You must be registered in the T or V section first!

On-campus section Yes There is also an on-campus section of the course which will have another letter. It is identified in Carleton Central by the words “this course will be recorded for CUOL.” For students registered in the on-campus section, the primary means of accessing the lectures is by attending the class, although they can use CUOL services as a supplementary way to view lectures.

NOTE: Distance students must not register for the in-class section.

Section ?OD No This is the Video On Demand service for students registered in the on-campus section (where ? is the letter of the on-campus section). They do not appear as a separate section. Instead, in the “section information” of the on-campus section, the CRN (course registration number) for the On Demand section is given. You can add it by going to Add/Drop classes in Carleton Central registration, and entering the CRN into the “add classes worksheet.”

NOTE: You must be registered in the on-campus section first!

Labs/Tutorials No Some online courses require registration in their corresponding lab and/or tutorial.

NOTE: Most of these are online, but occasionally a course has a lab that must be attended on campus. In this case, the course is not suitable for distance students. This will be noted on the CUOL course list.

NOTE: the Video On Demand sections are not credit sections, they are merely services. If you drop the class, make sure you drop class itself, not just the Video On Demand section.

CUOL classes can have caps, so you may find the class is full even though the Video On Demand service is open.

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