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Becoming a student

In order to take a CUOL course, you must be a Carleton student. First, decide what courses to take by browsing through our CUOL course list. You can decide how to watch your lectures by exploring the viewing options available for CUOL courses. Once you have decided what course you want to take, you will need to apply to be either a special student or a degree student. Please note that knowing which course you’re interested in does not necessarily guarantee you access, because all courses are subject to restrictions and enrolment limitations.

Special Students

If you are not a Carleton student but are interested in taking a course for personal interest or transfer credit, to qualify for admission or improve professional qualifications, you will first need to become a Special Student. For information and the online application, visit the Registrar’s Office website.

Students from other universities seeking a transfer credit can apply as a Special Student using a Letter of Permission from their home university. Learn more at the Registrar’s visiting students page.

Registering for a Degree Program

To become a Carleton student in a degree program, see the Undergraduate Admissions website. Note that you will not be able to complete all degree requirements online as no undergraduate degree programs are fully online.


Once you have become a Carleton student, you are eligible to register for courses. For more information, please see our Course Registration page.

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