1. Unpaid Viewing Options
    1. Live streams
    2. CUOL Web Channel
    3. CUOL Student Centre
    4. Attending the Class

Unpaid Viewing Options

CUOL offers many ways-to-watch recorded lectures! To view lectures off-campus and at your convenience, you can pay-per-lecture or register for the paid subscription to the full term VOD service. However there are also unpaid viewing option available to watch recorded lectures. All of these options are free, and do not require additional registration.

Live streams

Stream lectures live on our website when the class is being recorded.

CUOL Web Channel

Recorded courses made freely available for viewing to the world wide public.  See the Web Channel page for the schedule!

CUOL Student Centre

Watch lectures online at any time and at no charge using our viewing room in the Student Centre, D299 Loeb.

Attending the Class

If you are a local student and don’t have a conflict with the class time, there is a possibility that you could attend occasional on-campus lectures. It’s a nice way to meet your Instructor and fellow students. There must be spare seats available, as students in the on-campus section have first claim on them. If there are no seats at the start of term, wait a week or two.  Often Instructors will announce that CUOL students are welcome to attend. If they don’t, we suggest contacting them to check.

The easiest way to determine when and where the class is held is to go to the Live Stream page. There is a drop-down where you can search for your class.

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