If you live at a distance from Carleton, you can take CUOL courses using the Video On Demand service to access your lectures, or the course website in the case of web-based courses.  You complete the course requirements in the same way and with the same deadlines as on-campus students.

Assignments are submitted as specified by the Instructor, usually either online or by mail to the Department (postmarked by the due date).  Graded papers and midterms may be returned by email to students who have applied for a distance exam.  If you have not applied for a distance exam but are unable to come to campus to collect a paper, please contact us at cuol@carleton.ca to arrange the return of the paper.

Midterms and exams can be written at a distance from Carleton only if you apply for this service.  If you do not apply for distance exams you are expected to write all exams at Carleton.  See the CUOL Examinations pages for more information.  Note that you must be in the CUOL section (T, V or R or web), not the on-campus section of the course, in order to apply for a distance exam.

To get a Carleton student card when you are a distance student, email a request to cuol@carleton.ca from your Carleton email account.  Make sure to include your student number.  CUOL will have a card made and mailed to you.  As there will be no picture on the card, you would present it with a piece of government issued photo ID.  You need to have a card made in order to access online Library resources.

Other resources for Carleton students studying at a distance:

Carleton University Bookstore
You can search for your textbooks by course and order directly from the Bookstore.  There is more information on buying textbooks under “Getting Started“.

Carleton University Library
Find information on borrowing directly from other Libraries.  You can also use Carleton’s subscription databases.

Student Academic Success Centre
SASC provides Learning Support services for distance students.  See their Top Ten Tips Series and their Videos on their website.  Looking for Academic Advising?  You can contact them and arrange for an email or phone session.