Carleton University OnLine is a flexible learning platform that offers a wide array of university credit courses.  Both local students and students at a distance can take advantage of our online courses.

Whether you are at home or traveling abroad, finishing a degree, just starting one, or studying for interest, Carleton University OnLine can provide the convenience and flexibility you need to fit a university education into your schedule.

CUOL courses

There are two types of CUOL courses: recorded lecture-based courses and web-based courses.

CUOL recorded courses are filmed on campus during a regular class. The lectures are then made available to local and distance students through a number of different channels. These CUOL classes are as close as possible to being in the classroom – you can listen to classroom discussions, hear questions and see the lectures just as they are delivered to fellow students. There is also a course website (cuLearn) where students find resources, including the course outline, discussion groups and assignments.

CUOL web-based courses are designed to be offered through a course website. A web course is often made up of modules, including recorded presentations, discussion forums, online activities and assignments. Web courses require frequent active online participation.

Course list

We offer a variety of recorded and web-based credit courses from different departments. Browse our course list for details.


Tuition fees are the same as other Carleton University courses (see the fee schedule). Other costs, such as distance exams and Video On Demand access, may be incurred if the service is required.

Becoming a CUOL student

Registering in CUOL courses is easy. If you’re already a Carleton student, you can simply register in the CUOL section of the course in Carleton Central.

If you’re not a Carleton student but are interested in taking a course for personal interest or transfer credit, to qualify for admission or improve professional qualifications, you will first need to become a Special Student at Carleton.

See our registration page for more information about how to enroll in CUOL courses.