System Requirements

  • The latest version of Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge or Safari
  • We recommend a high-speed broadband connection for best viewing experience.
  • Our VOD Player uses HTML5 video. This method is supported by most of the latest browsers. Please see the list of recommended browsers above.
  • For downloads, you click on the download link and a dialog box should appear. Choose a location where you would like to save the lecture (Desktop, Videos, etc) and click Save. Once the download is complete your computer may open the file for you automatically or you can choose from any of the recommended players below. If you’re having trouble downloading of if the lecture file is opening directly in the browser or a new tab, right-click on the “download” link (may vary from browser to browser) and repeating the saving steps above. Note: the download file size is large. Make sure the download has completed before closing your browser. You have the option of choosing the smaller SD size if needed.
  • Recommended video players: Windows Media Player on Windows 10, VLC (Windows and Mac) or any other player that supports mp4 h264 files.


For VOD technical support, contact VOD Technical Support, call 613-520-4055, or email  You can also see our FAQ.