CURA holds a number of social events each year beginning with an annual introductory lunch on campus in the fall and various activities throughout the year.  Others include:

Dinner Meetings: CURA organizes approximately four evening dinner meetings per year where a guest speaker is invited to make a presentation on a topic of general interest. These meetings usually take place at Baker’s Grill in the University Centre. Speakers in the past have included the University President, the Chairman of the Board of Governors and the Mayor of Ottawa.

“Combibulations”: Usually held around 2 or 3 times a year in Baker’s on a Friday afternoon, these are opportunities to meet and chat over a drink. We also periodically use these gatherings to host speakers. For example, every year we invite a representative from the university administration to talk about the state of the Carleton pension fund.

Other Activities:

  • Annual Holiday Reception: The University President hosts an annual holiday reception for CURA members in December.
  • Dine-around group : Join a group of your fellow retirees in exploring local restaurants.
  • Cross-country skiing: For the more energetic, come and enjoy winter in the Gatineau Park and then undo all the good work with a pub lunch!
  • Cycling: Explore the regions many bike paths in the company of other superannuated cyclists.
  • Visit local attractions: Join a group tour of local tourist sites such as the Diefenbunker and the Billings Estate, as well as nearby towns like Perth and Wakefield.