The Policy Briefs are intended to present analysis, opinions and case studies on current issues in urban and municipal affairs.

We welcome submissions to CURE Policy Briefs from students, faculty, and practitioners. Submissions should be approximately 3,000-4,000 words, with in text citations and can sent to Christopher Stoney.

ISSUE 13 Revised Critique of PBO 2021 Report of Affordable Housing (August 2021)

ISSUE 12 (January 2021) Review and Critique of the Rental Construction Finance Initiative (RCFI)

ISSUE 11 (July 2020), Covid Impact on Ottawa Rental Market

ISSUE 10 (January 2020) Steve Pomeroy, Brief #10 Housing and Homeless Emergency

ISSUE 9 (November 2017) Steve Pomeroy, Assessing the Funding in the National Housing Strategy

ISSUE 8 (August 2017) Steve Pomeroy, Reinvesting the basline windfall: Assessing potential baseline surplus from expiring federal operating agreements

ISSUE 7 (March 2017) Steve Pomeroy, Distilling the Tea Leaves: What the 2017 Federal Budget Really Means for Housing

ISSUE 6 (September 2016) Steve Pomeroy and Maude Marquis-Bissonnette, Is The City of Ottawa Balancing its Budget on the Backs of the Poor?
En français: La Ville d’Ottawa équilibre-t-elle son budget au dépens des pauvres?

ISSUE 5 (2014) Steve Pomeroy, Why Canadian home prices continue to rise
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ISSUE 4 (March 2013) Steve Pomeroy, Speculators beware: you won’t get rich flipping homes in the next decade

ISSUE 3 (May 2011) Alex Carr, Thinking outside the box: financing mechanisms for the City of Ottawa

ISSUE 2 (May 2011) Sumeet Tandon, The evolution and contradiction of Ontario’s land-use oversight mechanisms and their implications for urban sprawl

ISSUE 1 (March 2011) Chris McCauley,  Not just about income: an examination of an asset-based approach to social policy