CUx Committees

CUx is comprised of three key committees that lead various aspects of the program. These committees meet on a bi-weekly basis to discuss programming and opportunity for further collaboration.

Interested in partnering and joining a committee? Visit our Looking to Partner page to fill out the form and a member of our team will get back to you.

Communications and Technology Committee

Chairs: Charisse Martin (SEO) and Morgan McKeen (CUSA)

Members: Jaden Slawter (RRRA), Logan McFadden (CSES), Michael Ionescu (SBSS), Shannon Noonan (OSA), Jeremy Whalen (OVPSESI), Christine Falardeau (CUSA)

Priorities: Create both internal and external communication plan for all CUx events, identify platforms and technology needs

Assessment and Program Tracking Committee

Chairs: Brad Cousineau (SEO)

Members: Sash Mahara (RRRA), Aaron Agyemang (CUSA), Shane Williams (SEO), Chiara Webb (SEO)

Priorities: Lead program assessment and evaluation strategies, implement Program Tracker for all CUx participants

Programming Committee

Chairs:  Chiara Webb (SEO) and Lydia Harvey-Lloyd (CAB)

Members: Niamh O’Shea (ISSO), Laurie Shea (Residence), Lauren Gallant (Athletics), Osman Elmi (CUSA), Tinu Akinwande (CUSA), Jenna Smith (RRRA),

Priorities: Identify programming and event details, opportunities for collaboration