How To Apply:

Award Benefit:

US$50,000 for academic year

Grant Activity:

This is a research oriented grant although there is opportunity for the grant holder to mentor students and deliver guest lecturers.  There are no formal teaching requirements.  Research should involve collaboration with members of the Carleton community.

Grant Description:

The Faculty of Science at Carleton University has strong research capacity in the realm of environmental science spanning aspects of biology, earth science, chemistry, geography and health.  Moreover, there are many researchers working across campus (in other Faculties) as well as in allied agencies located in Ottawa (e.g., National Wildlife Research Center of the Canadian Wildlife Service, Headquarters for all federal environmental management agencies, many NGOs).  The Chair in Environmental Science will collaborate broadly with the Carleton University community and connect with external partners in the National Capital Region and beyond.  Given the breadth of research interests and expertise at Carleton there is much flexibility in the specific research domain of the Chair – our interests span the natural and social sciences.  We anticipate the opportunity to develop joint projects and papers with the Chair while collectively working to generate the evidence base needed to address complex environmental challenges.  The primary appointment of the Chair will be to the Institute of Environmental and Interdisciplinary Science but there will be ample opportunity to collaborate with our sister units and programs (e.g., Biology, Earth Sciences, Chemistry, Geography and Environmental Studies, Health Science, Data Science) and access their research infrastructure.  Visit the Faculty of Science at Carleton University to learn more about our environmental programs.


Conservation science; Environmental decisions; Environmental management; Water resources; Environmental contamination; Ecology; Geoscience; Biodiversity; Stewardship; Environmental health; Restoration; Resource development; Sustainability; Science communication; Environmental policy.

Host Department/Group:

Faculty of Science

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Information Contact(s) for applicants:

Steven J. Cooke, Coordinator of the Carleton University Fulbright Visiting Chair in Environmental Science
Cell 613 867 6711

Primary Contact for our office:

Norah Vollmer, Manager, Faculty Affairs, Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic)