Photo of Ayshia Bailie

Ayshia Bailie

BHSc Honours Student

Ayshia is a fourth-year Biology student with a concentration in Health Sciences. Although always interested in health inequalities and improving access to healthcare for all, the pandemic has been a pivotal time in her journey as she got her first experience working in an Emergency Transitional Shelter as a Shelter Support Worker. Having witnessed the inequalities faced by many in the homeless population, especially those struggling with substance-use disorder, she hopes to continue identifying gaps in the healthcare system and try to develop more comprehensive health programs that will be specialized and accessible to this population.

She is currently working on her Undergraduate Honours Research Thesis in the Spatial Determinants of Health Lab and is examining addictions and substance-use disorder in rural Eastern Ontario. She is focusing on current prevalence, resources, and challenges of addressing addictions in these regions to identify the strengths and weaknesses currently present.

Outside of the lab she is passionate about exercise, cooking, music, and anything that lets her be outside!