Photo of Maria Tovar

Maria Tovar

MSc Student

Degrees:Doctor of Medical Dentistry (DMD)

Maria Tovar is a Venezuelan Dentist who graduated from Universidad Santa Maria in Caracas. She is currently a first-year MSc student in Health Sciences with a research focus on disparities in access to dental care in rural Ontario. Her study involves assessing the significant barriers regarding the availability, accessibility, and affordability of oral healthcare services in rural and remote areas.

Currently, she is completing her thesis research as a Free Range Scholar under the guidance of Dr. Paul Peters. The primary rationale for her research is the long history of oral health being excluded from Canadian health care policy agendas. With her interdisciplinary undergraduate background in rural dentistry, working within various underserved communities in her home country, she has first-hand experience and knowledge of the barriers and obstacles that medical personnel and patients face in these communities.

Her academic and career goals include understanding how the physical and social context shapes health, illness and health care; and associate with her own dental clinic experience and expertise in order to discover innovative ways to examine, measure and solve complex health problems.