This is a transcript of the video “Carleton University Discovery Centre Gaming Lab.”

[A glass-walled room with two gaming stations and couch seating is shown.]

Welcome to the Gaming Lab, located on the fourth floor of MacOdrum Library in room 483. The Gaming Lab is equipped with two 3D-capable gaming stations to be used for academic purposes. Each gaming station has a gaming computer with a mouse and keyboard and a variety of gaming consoles. For a full list of Steam games and available consoles, please visit our website,

The space is also equipped with two Makerbot Replicator 2 3D printers and a Makerbot Digitizer 3-D scanner. For more information regarding 3d print instructions, please see our web page designated for 3d printing,

If you are interested in booking the Gaming Lab, please visit our online booking system, Enterprise.

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Carleton University Discovery Centre website:

Enterprise Online Booking:

3-D printing instructions: