On Wednesday, November 16th, The Discovery Centre was proud to host GIS Day 2016 on behalf of The Macodrum Library’s Maps, Data, and Government Information Centre (MADGIC) and the Department of Geography and Environmental Studies. GIS Day is celebrated globally during Geography Awareness Week to raise awareness of how Geometrics and Geographic Information Systems can impact our lives on a daily basis.

Several local companies and organizations participated at GIS Day 2016. In addition, speakers from the City of Ottawa, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies, PCI Geomatics, Algonquin College, Esri Canada, and much more, delivered poignant talks in order to spread awareness of geospatial thinking.

Furthermore, participants of GIS Day were also eligible to experience GIS first hand by signing up for 3D Printer and Oculus Rift demos and playing one of the several GIS related games available at the event.

GIS Day is hosted annually at The Discovery Centre. So, if you missed this year’s event, make sure you come next year to discover the world through GIS.

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