To all students who applied for the Carleton Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program, thank you!

Your applications have been accepted and the faculties are working hard to get you their decisions as soon as possible.

As for how long you will have to wait. Here’s the timeline:

The Faculties of Science and Arts and Social Sciences plan to advise students starting early the first week of May.

The Faculty of Public Affairs hopes to notify everyone starting the first week of May, with student projects starting no later than May 15th, depending on specifics detailed in applications.

The Faculty of Engineering and Design will have answers out as soon as their adjudication process is complete. More updates will be posted when more specific info is received.

The Sprott School of Business has extended the deadline for its students until midnight on May 7th. If you are or know of a Business Student interested in summer research work, please encourage them to apply.

Thank you for your patience and Good Luck to all who applied!

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