The National Conference on Undergraduate Research (NCUR) is a forum for undergraduate students to present their research. This year Carleton sent a group of seven students, supervised by Professor Cheryl Schramm (Engineering) to Kennesaw, Georgia. With 4200 registrants, the experience was a dynamic learning opportunity. Below are some pictures and information of the trip.

Alehandra Edwards

Alehandra Edwards, 2nd year Criminology and Criminal Justice student, presented on access to justice for facilitating custody access. Helping family law disputants resolve ongoing conflicts.

Aidan Lochbihler

Aidan Lockbihler, 2nd year Biomedical and Electrical Engineering student presented on diabetic retinopathy and and a fully automatic deep learning method that is able to delineate hard exudate lesions in retinal images.

Hannah Dinovitzer

Hannah Dinovitzer, 3rd year Biomedical and Mechanical Engineering student presented on concussions in sports and their long-term effects.

Kayla Schumacker

Kayla Schumacker, a Neuroscience and Mental Health student presented on neuroanatomy and its impacts on neurology, clinical research and neurosurgery.

Michele LeBlanc

Michele LeBlanc, 2nd year Health Sciences (with a concentration in Global Health) student presented on health disparities in rural and remote communities.

Zoe Musafiri

Zoe Musafiri, a 4th year Child Studies student presented on racial discrimination.

Dayna Goldfarb

Dayna Goldfarb, 4th year Child Studies student presented on socially constructed ideas about children and play and the importance of deconstructing dominant discourses about it.