The Discovery Centre began development during the MacOdrum Library renovations. Officially opened in 2013, the Centre was built to provide a much needed atmosphere where undergraduate students could immerse themselves in collaborative and interactive learning. It was designed as a place for students where ideas are shared, art and design objects are displayed, and various events are hosted. We aim to be a flexible and inspirational learning space that will evolve over time.

Two female students viewing a computer screen

Our Pillars

In addition to the creative and functional space we provide for undergraduate student study and research, the Centre also supports the development of undergraduate research, community engagementinternational experiences and immersive learning.

Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate research opportunities build on the experiences of undergraduates in their academic studies. Students can be linked to specialized projects or to work on subject-specific research under the direction of a faculty supervisor.

Community Engagement

Community Engagement allows students to take research areas within their studies out into the community to gain hands-on, community based experience. This can be done as special projects or under the supervision of a faculty member.

International Experiences

Internationalization is widely supported at Carleton. In addition to hosting a number of international focussed info sessions and speakers each year, the Discovery Centre through application to the Discovery Centre International Experience (DCIE) Bursary provides a financial contribution to undergraduate students who choose to complete a portion of their studies abroad.

Immersive Learning

Immersive Learning brings students together from various disciplines to address a common real-world issue from the perspective of their program areas. Through collaboration and investigative research Immersive Learning projects are an enriching way to investigate solutions.

For more information please visit the Discovery Centre and speak to one of the knowledgable staff members.