Due to COVID-19, the Discovery Centre is closed for the time being. During the closure, booking services will not be available.

However, you can still reach us by e-mail: aleksandra.minic@carleton.ca

Planning around changes to library and Discovery Centre services is ongoing. This will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

As of May 1, 2020, the Learning Lab will no longer be available for booking.

Faculty, staff and students and clubs of Carleton University can all book our spaces through Carleton’s online Enterprise Booking Portal.

For all simple bookings, we encourage you login directly to this portal to both check the availability of our spaces as well as directly book them yourself.

  • Any member of the Carleton community can request to book the Gaming Lab, the Learning Lab and the Multimedia Lab.
  • Only students can book the media booths (also called pods) and the seminar rooms.  These bookings are limited to 2 hours.

Make your own bookings now!

Click here to make bookings via the Enterprise Portal

For those hosting larger-scale events in our spaces, we ask the following

  1. Book your room(s) through the Enterprise Booking Portal (as above)
  2. Also, submit the following form to inform our staff of any special arrangements that you need us to prepare in support of your event (special seating arrangement, technology setup or support, etc).

Further Inquiries

  • For more information about special or large events, please contact us directly at discovery.support@carleton.ca. Please note that no bookings charging its users for attendance will be accepted.
  • For more information about booking through the Enterprise Portal please contact scheduling@carleton.ca