Complete a Discovery Challenge in five steps: 

  1. Browse Challenges. Browse open Discovery Challenges on the mySuccess volunteer job board (accessed via Carleton Central).
  2. Join Riipen. Using the link in the mySuccess listing, open the detailed description in Riipen. You will be prompted to create a Riipen account. Tip: Connect to your LinkedIn account to save time.
  3. Join the Challenge. Sign up for the Discovery Challenge alone or as a team in Riipen. See here for sign-up instructions.
  4. Submit a Challenge. Complete the deliverable and submit in Riipen. Be sure to follow the instructions in the description! See here for tips to maximize your success.
  5. Submit the Complete a Challenge Form. Once you receive feedback on your submission, submit the Complete a Challenge Form below. Tip: See this video and this infographic to help you write a resumé-ready SAR statement.

 Have questions? Reach out to Nina Doré (Educational Development Centre) at 

 Good luck!