I-CUREUS Information Sheet

Funds are awarded from the Discovery Centre and Office of the Associate Vice-President (Teaching and Learning) to students engaging in undergraduate research with a supporting faculty member. The I-CUREUS (Internship – Carleton University Research Experience Undergraduate Scholarship) Program began in 2012 and has grown each year since then.

Terms and Eligibility Application Process
Expectations Results
General Information Payment and Funding

Due to the increasing popularity of the I-CUREUS program, there is a two student per faculty member maximum

Terms and Eligibility

The student must:

  • Be enrolled (part time or full time) in an undergraduate program in an Academic Unit of the university during the tenure of the internship.
  • Have a satisfactory (Good Standing) Academic Record (e.g. not have an Academic Warning on their record) throughout the tenure of the internship. Students in 1st to 4th year.
  • Not open to students completing their co-op term(s) during the academic year
  • Use their Carleton email account – all communications will be sent through this address.

The Supervisor must:

  • Belong to an Academic Unit of the university, AND
  • Hold a research grant at the time of the internship. This may be an external or Carleton grant
  • This opportunity is not available to contract instructors
  • Faculty supervisor must not be on sabbatical or leave. They are required to be working on a current relevant teaching project. If a faculty supervisor will be on sabbatical or leave at any point during the project, they must indicate in the application form how they ensure supervision of the student and research project.


The Student Intern will:

  • Provide general research assistance to the supervisor working on a specific project
  • Be asked to sign a Consent to Publish form to share their experiences and to make contact with other undergraduate research interns
    • sharing will be done through social media, Carleton and the Discovery Centre websites
    • If the student wishes to remain unnamed this can be arranged
  • Provide a testimonial of the research activity completed (text, pictures or video report)
    • Resulting story will be used for the current year’s I-CUREUS webpage/Carleton publications
  • Prepare for and participate in an undergraduate research fair in the spring to share their work, provide feedback for I-CUREUS, and promote the program to others
    • Digital poster must follow guidelines provided by the Discovery Centre

The Supervising Faculty Member will:

  • Mentor the intern and supervise the intern’s work
  • Ensure that the intern is paid in a timely manner for work performed
  • At the end of the project, provide feedback about the program to staff and students
  • Follow Carleton University’s Environmental Health and Safety policies

General Info

  • The internship runs throughout the academic year, from September until April. A student can sing up for one term or for both and complete up to 150 hours.
  • The work term shall be no less than 8 weeks during fall or winter semester
  • The intern is expected to work 10-15 hours/week on average, not to exceed 150 hours during interning term
    • Students will be paid $15/hour
  • Research projects will be assessed on:
    • Appropriateness of the proposed research
    • Level of supervision and mentorship
    • Potential output, such as research papers, and the anticipated learning outcomes for the intern fro the experience of working in the research environment

Application Process

Student Applicant

  • Identifying potential supervisors and discuss opportunities related to their research.
  • With your chosen supervisor, complete and submit the I-CUREUS application form.

Supervising Faculty Member

  • Identify potential student applicants for the I-CUREUS program and discuss opportunities related to your own research with interested students.
  • With the student, complete and submit the I-CUREUS application.


The student applicant and supervising faculty member will be notified with results as soon as possible after application submission. Please allow a minimum of 3 weeks for processing.

Payment and Funding

Student Intern

  • The student intern is paid $15/hour. They will work an average of 10-15 hours/week for a minimum of 8 weeks
  • The total award to the student will not exceed $2250

Supervising Faculty Member

  • The supervisor provides at least half of the amount paid to the student intern, which is matched by the Office of the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) up to a maximum of $1125


  • The student and supervisor (or departmental administrator) will complete the Payroll Profile Form and submit it to HR to formally set up the contract
  • Students must be paid within the timeline specified on the application or a new form will be required by HR
  • Hours for payment must be signed off by the supervisor and submitted directly to HR
  • Forms can be found here