Carleton University has a very successful Healthy Workplace Initiative for faculty and staff.  Our students deserve the same attention to their health.  The Healthy Learning Space Initiative is supporting research involving our undergraduate students regarding their health while completing their studies.

The Student Standing Campaign


1. The Student Sitting Survey

The first step to change is awareness.  Let’s find out how much we actually sit! During Thrive Week (November 16-20), send us a report of the number of hours that you spent sitting – in class, eating, studying.

Use your favourite app (Android: Sitting Timer, Sitting Still or Apple IOS: Apple Watch Activity App) or use plain old-fashioned paper.

Paper submission: Print this StudentSittingSurvey-TrackingSheet and then bring it to our Front Desk on the 4th floor of the library, at the end of the week
Online submission: Enter your information on this form (May submit more than once, daily)

2. The Student Standing ChallengenoSitting

The Discovery Centre is challenging you to give standing a try! The campaign runs during Thrive Week (November 16-20, 2015).

  • Come to the Discovery Centre and use either the treadmill desk, the standing huddle table or the stand-up adapter table for at least 30 minutes of reading or studying.
  • Participants can then record  each day they stood while they worked.

Paper submission:

  • After using one of our standing furnitures, go to the Discovery Centre’s Front Desk and fill out the Standing Ballot.
  • If using your own standing furniture or the new standing desk in TB268, use our StudentStandingChallenge-TrackingSheet. Bring it to our Front Desk on the 4th floor, at the end of the week.

Online submission: Enter your information on this form (May submit more than once)

Everyone who submits their completed tracking sheet to our front desk staff by November 20, 4 PM  will be entered into a draw to win the grand prize!