Through generous gifts from our donors, Carleton owns three parcels of land in the south end of the city in the Township of Osgoode — about 20 kilometres southeast of the City of Ottawa, 10 kilometres west of the Village of Metcalfe, and 7 kilometres northeast of the Village of Osgoode.

View our google map of Carleton’s “Land to the South”.

The land has been used informally by a few instructors, for courses in physical geography and biology for instance.  There is great potential for field learning and immersive learning, for civil engineers, geographers, biologists and mechanical engineers.  There are areas of forests, overgrown fields and clearings, dense brush and wetlands.

We are interested in hosting projects that would develop these parcels of land for educational uses.  Please contact us if you are interested in collaborating.

A few details about each parcel:

North South West East Uses
Parcel 1 Accessible only by walking with both clearings and wetlands along its span. Runs along Herbert’s Corners road, though this road is stops at a private property and does not join the paved portion bordering the south border of Parcel 2. Runs along old snowmobile trail so very walkable with beautiful forest including some small clearings.  Southwest corner is a great access point, being mindful of neighbour’s privacy and trespassing signs :Accessible only by walking.  33% wetland in the eastern end; 30-35 year old forest in the southwest end
Parcel 2 Clearing and stream about xxx metres from west edge, walking the line in neighbouring field. East Portion: Herbert’s Corners Road, with easy parking on the shoulder

West Portion: Not easily accessible

Not easily accessible Along Manotick Station Road, with thick brush.  33% wetland on northwest end.
Parcel 3 Two portions:

West Portion: Not easily accessible.

East Portion: Off Manotick Station Road, abutting a farmer’s laneway with a clearing halfway up the laneway (Ask farmer for access to laneway)

 22% wetland on western portion, with complex soils and openings in the northern edge

Parcel 1 Photos


Lot 1 – Southwest Corner Marker


Lot 1 – Southwest Corner (1)– Entering the Snowmobile Trail


Lot 1 – Southwest Corner (2) Along the snowmobile trail


Lot 1 – Southwest Corner (3) Just off the snowmobile trail is a lovely accessible forest


Lot 1 – Southwest Corner (4) – Stephan Gruber within the forest


Lot 1 – Southwest Corner (5) – Opening in the forest


Lot 1 – Eastern Wetland (1) – Stephan Gruber enters


Lot 1 – Eastern Wetland


Lot 1 – Eastern Wetland

Parcel 2 Photos


Lot 2 – Northern Edge (1) – A Clearing Along the Adjoining Farm’s Laneway


Lot 2 – Northern Edge (2) – A Clearing along the Adjoining Farm’s Laneway


Lot 2 – Southern Edge