3-D Printing

How 3D printing at the Discovery Centre works:

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3-D Printing Instructions

1. Create your own design or choose a pre-made design from thingiverse.

2. Visit the Discovery Centre desk for staff to approve your designs (bring them on an SD card or flash drive) or email your designs to discovery.support@carleton.ca

*Your design must be in .STL or .Thing format

If your order is emailed to the Discovery Centre, please include the following information:

  • your name
  • campus card #
  • contact information: both your Carleton email address (others will not be accepted) and a phone #
  • item name
  • dimensions (optional, if required for correct scaling)

3. Orders will not be released without proof of payment. Payments can be made at the Welcome Desk (main floor of the library) once your 3D Print Order Form is completed and given to you by Discovery Centre Staff.

4. The time to process and begin the print will depend on the demand for the printer. The 3D Printer runs Monday to Friday. (Please note: In the middle of terms we operate at a week to 10-day turn around time for completion of prints.) Please visit the Discovery Centre for a more precise timeline estimate.

Please note that dropoffs will only be accepted between the hours of 10:00am – 4:00pm Mo-Fri.

3-D Printing Payment

Print Time Surcharge Rate
Time Under 5 Hours $3.00 10 cents/gram
Time Over 5 Hours $6.00 10 cents/gram
Time Over 10 Hours $9.00 10 cents/gram

Further Inquiries

If you have questions about scaling, definition, fill or other print-related issues, an appointment for assistance can be made by emailing discovery.support@carleton.ca. *Please note that guns/weapons or parts there of will not be printed without proof that they are for academic purposes.

Visit the FlashForge website for more information concerning the 3-D printer details.