Due to COVID-19, the Discovery Centre is closed for the time being. During the closure, booking services will not be available.

However, you can still reach us by e-mail: https://carleton.ca/discoverycentre/contact-us/

Planning around changes to library and Discovery Centre services is ongoing. This will be updated with new information as it becomes available.

The Learning Labratory seats up to 25 people. The room includes two large wall projection screens attached to an instructor’s computer and 4 smaller screens each adjacent to a table designed for group-work.

For a fully keyboard-accessible alternative for this video, either view it in Chrome or any Android or iOS device, view it in Firefox with the YouTube ALL HTML5 add-on installed, or disable Flash in Internet Explorer.

As of May 1, 2020, the Learning Lab will no longer be available for booking.


Available Resources:

  • Two touch boards with short-throw projectors, each attached to a table with six seats
  • Two digital displays, each attached to a table with six seats
    • Each of the four table displays have HDMI, three of which have AirPlay connectivity
  • A  main computer console which operates two large screens
  • The console contains a webcam which links to the main computer
  • Wireless presentation controller and laser pointer

The Learning Lab is Skype and Big Blue Button capable. If you require this technology, we encourage you to come familiarize yourself with the technology prior to use so that your event can run smoothly.

Please be aware when using the Learning Lab that covered drinks are permitted but food is not.

It is strongly advised that you bring your content in a USB. If you require a Skype session, you will have to set it up prior to the event. If you have any inquiries, please e-mail: discovery.support@carleton.ca

If you require sound for your event, please contact the Discovery Centre staff at: discovery.support@carleton.ca

The staff at the Discovery Centre can help you set up for your event. Please contact us at least one week before your event.

Further Inquiries

For further instructions on how to use this space, please see the “Instructions for the Use of the Learning Lab” on the side of the main computer console. If you have specific technical questions, please email discovery.support@carleton.ca.

The Learning Lab can be booked for up to four class sessions, per class, per term. As it’s not part of the classroom list, it is requested that only special classes be held here. At this time the Discovery Centre does not support for-profit events or bookings by non-Carleton affiliated organizations. Please find booking instructions at the Enterprise Booking Portal. This room requires an approval confirmation email to your request.