Discovery Centre Map

Discover new ways to work with our innovative study spaces!

Our spaces and standing workstations can help:

  • Awaken your attention and boost your learning
  • Accelerate your metabolism and lower health risks associated with excessive sitting
  • Improve your overall energy
  • Increase your information retention and recall with visual aids

Treadmill Desks

Two treadmill desks are available. They can be used while reading, studying, or working on your laptop. The desks’ height is also adjustable for your comfort.

Benefits of incorporating this into your routine:Catherine and Elli using treadmill desk

  • Increases creativity
  • Increases productivity
  • Improves mood
  • Reduces stress
  • Promotes a healthy lifestyle
    • Less back pain from being hunched over a desk
    • Has various health benefits

They can be reserved through the Enterprise Booking Portal. Remember to bring you campus card—you’ll need it to take out the keys.

If you have any issues with booking, please email with your concerns.

Huddle Table

Located at the far end of our open area is a conference table that electrically moves up or down, to let you hold your group meeting either fully standing, sitting, or half-standing by using our mobile adjustable-height stools.

White-board Corner

Located at the right corner, this white-board wall is great for group and individual studying. The wall is long enough to accommodate those complicated mind maps and long equations easily. When you book the corner through Enterprise Portal, you also get access to the TV! Along with the TV, there is a seating area available to use.

Media Booths

These booths are great for group studies! You can book Booths 8 and Booths 10 if you want to use the monitors, or Booths 9 and Booths 11 for a normal, digital-free space for a study group.

Portable Adjustable Standing Desk Adapter

Make any table surface into a standing work area using this device.