1. Example 1: Survey Creation
  2. Example 2: Optimization of Volunteer Recruitment
  3. Example 3: Service Improvement
  4. Example 4: Website Redesign
  5. Example 5: Campaign Awareness

Below are several examples of Discovery Challenges.

Feel free to use these as a template or inspiration for your own
proposed challenge.

Example 1: Survey Creation

Tags: communications

Department ABC is looking to develop a 10-question multiple choice survey to distribute to students in the department to better understand their perspectives on Topic X. Submissions should include ten ready-to-use survey questions as well as a proposed sampling strategy (i.e., how to distribute the survey to get valid, usable data).  

This survey should consider:  

  • Audience (students in Department ABC)  
  • Appropriate length (10 questions)  
  • Question order  
  • Bias considerations  
  • Representative sample size  
  • Value of data (relevant to Topic X)  

Attachment: Document describing current student demographics and details of how Topic X has been implemented in the department.

Example 2: Optimization of Volunteer Recruitment

Tags: human relations, IT, communications, operations/project management

Our Club ABC is entirely dependent on volunteers to run our activities and events. Finding enough individuals who are willing to invest their time can be challenging. We want to improve our volunteer recruitment process so we can find great volunteers faster. We’re open to a range of submission types – written report, video presentation, etc.     

Your submission should include:  

  • A visualization (e.g., flow chart) of our current recruitment process (see attached resource)  
  • Strengths and weaknesses of our recruitment process  
  • Recommendations for improvements and efficiencies to the process, ideally with a visualization of the proposed revised process  
  • A brief outline of the training our team would need to be able to implement the new process  

Example 3: Service Improvement

Tags: market research, entrepreneurship

We want you to help Office X re-develop our services to help us expand our reach and increase our value to the student body. In particular, we’re looking for input on improving our Programs X and Y, which are intended to serve student population Z.  

To help you accomplish this, you could consider any or all these activities:  

  • Collecting input from friends and/or classmates to understand their service needs  
  • Identifying other student populations that might need this or similar programs  
  • Researching existing services offered elsewhere on campus and around Ottawa (or online) to avoid redundancy/conflict with our offerings  
  • Brainstorming gaps and potential improvements to Programs X and/or Y, with specific recommendations  
  • Proposing a marketing/promotion messaging and communications strategy for the new service 

We’re looking for submissions in one of these forms:  

  1. A written report explaining the service gap, recommended improvements, and a detailed marketing/communications plan (I.e., how we could communicate changes to students); or  
  2. A recorded 5-minute “pitch” presentation with slides and accompanying handout  

  Attachment: List of websites and resources about our current Programs X and Y. 

Example 4: Website Redesign

Tags: UX/UI design, design, marketing, product development

Do you have a background or interest in user experience design or user interface design? Office ABC would love to see what you would do with our webpage [link]The webpage is designed for audience X to help them do Y and Z. Put yourself in the shoes of a user experience designer working for our office and give this page a complete refresh. 

The goal is to increase page views, visual appeal, and clarity – what would you change? This can include adding or removing elements from the page, adding interactive or animated features, changing the viewer journey to/from this page, and/or completely redesigning the look and feel.  

Your submission can be an interactive mockup, flat wireframes, a functional website, a photoshop file – anything that gets your vision across. Submissions that take into consideration our current branding will be assessed more favourably. 

Example 5: Campaign Awareness

Tags: design, media, visual arts, communications

Office ABC wants to further our efforts to increase students’ awareness of Topic X. We would like to work with you to develop a campaign that will successfully raises awareness and change behaviours around the topic.

We are asking you to design a campaign strategy, including:  

  • Identify specific group/s this campaign will target
  • Identify ideal outcomes and KPIs of the campaign
  • Propose a preliminary design for leaflets, posters, videos, and/or brochures
  • If relevant, propose a social media strategy, including draft communications (e.g., Tweets)