Discover new ways to work!

  • Awaken your attention and boost your learning.
  • Accelerate your metabolism and lower health risks associated with excessive sitting.
  • Improve your energy.

Try one of the standing furniture available in the Discovery Centre.

Treadmill Desks – Two top-of-the-line treadmill desks are available for use – and can be reserved through the Enterprise Booking Portal.  Walk while you read or working on your paper or laptop.  You will need your campus card to take out the keys.

Huddle Table – Located at the far end of our open area is a conference table that electrically moves up or down, to let you hold your group meeting either fulling standing, half-standing using our mobile adjustable-height stools or sitting.

Portable Adjustable Standing Desk Adapter – Make any table surface into a standing work area using this device.