Presentations Place and Date

Presentations Timing

  • If the number of students in a group is N, then 4N minutes will be allocated for the group presentation including questions and answers; i.e. 16 minutes for a group of 4 members.
  • Maximum of 3N minutes is allocated for the actual presentation.
  • Maximum of N minutes is allocated for Questions and Answers.
  • About N minutes should be dedicated to the Introduction, and Conclusion.
  • The remaining minutes are expected to be equally divided between the students.
  • Every student must participate is the oral presentation for a minimum of 2 minutes.

Presentations Contents

  • There is only time for presenting the main points.
  • Details of the work should be left for the Poster Session.
  • Groups are expected to including the following parts in their presentations.
    • Introduction [Group]
      • Overview and Background
      • Objectives and Specifications
      • Motivations and Significance
      • General Approach
    • Performance [Individual]
      • Methods and Techniques
      • Challenges and Solutions
      • Results and Discussions
    • Conclusion [Group]
      • Contributions and Innovations
      • Future Work

Presentations Marking Scheme

  • There will be only one mark assigned to the whole group and its members.
  • Exceptions are cases were examiners indicate that some group members should receive a separate mark because of one of the following.
    • Lack of significant contributions.
    • Significant extra contributions.
  • Students in a group will receive separate marks for their term work, posters, and reports.
  • Presentations are marked based on the following criteria, 4 marks each, total of 20.
    • Introduction (overview, motivations, objectives)
    • Technical Effort (methods, challenges, alternative solutions)
    • Achievements (results, contributions, innovations)
    • Knowledge (background, discussions, future work, Q&A)
    • Quality (organization and flow, talks clarity, slides appearance)
  • A student absent from the oral presentation without a legitimate excuse will only receive half of the group mark.

Presentations Competition

Presentations Submission

  • Groups are responsible for ensuring their slides are presentable on IMS computers.
  • During presentations there won’t be time for connecting different laptops and devices.
  • Presentations must be submitted online through students login.