Bernstein, Jeffrey I., and Randall R. Geehan, The Insurance Industry in Canada, The Fraser Institute, 1988, p. xviii:

Randall R. Geehan is an Associate Professor of Economics at Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. Born in Calgary, Alberta in 1945, Professor Geehan received his B.A. [in Math and Physics] in 1966 from Queen’s University, M.A. degrees in Economics from the University of Calgary in 1969 and Carleton University in 1974, an M.Sc. in Operational Research from the London School of Economics in 1971, and his Ph.D. in 1977 from MIT. Besides teaching economics at Carleton University, he has held several research and managerial positions at Statistics Canada [including Chief of the Financial Flows Section]. Professor Geehan’s research interests centre on applied microeconomics. Specifically, his research has focused on financial institutions and national income accounts, output and productivity measurement in the services industries, and consumer demand analysis. He has published a number of journal articles in the Canadian Journal of Economics, the Rand Journal, the Review of Economics and Statistics, and the International Journal of Industrial Organization.