The University’s official Accommodation Statement for Instructors should be considered to be a part of every course outline linked to from the table below. Instructor or student materials created for the associated course-sections (including notes, assignment or examination questions or solutions, and presentations) are intended for personal use, remain the intellectual property of the author(s), and may not be reproduced or redistributed without their prior written consent.

2014 Summer 2014 Fall 2015 Winter
ECON 4995 Section A ¹
D.E.H. Olmstead
ECON 5020 Section Q
J. Silva-Echenique
Section F
Z. Chen
Section G
J. Zhang
ECON 5021 Section Q
S. Coulombe
Section W
H.U. Khan
Section X
H.U. Khan
ECON 5027 Section F
M.-C. Voia
Section G
M.-C. Voia
ECON 5029 Section W
L.A. Khalaf and M.-C. Voia
Section W01
L.A. Khalaf
Section W02
M.-C. Voia
ECON 5051 Section F
M. Demers
ECON 5052 Section W
M. Demers
ECON 5055
ECON 5058 Section W
E.L.G. Stephens
ECON 5209
ECON 5230 Section F
P.J. Coe
ECON 5301 Section F
Z. Chen
ECON 5303 Section P
G. Atallah
ECON 5304
ECON 5309
ECON 5361 Section P
M. Corak
ECON 5362 Section W
C.J. Worswick
ECON 5363 Section O
P. Brochu
ECON 5401 Section O
J.-F. Tremblay
ECON 5402
ECON 5403 Section F
S.L. Winer
ECON 5404
ECON 5407
ECON 5460 Section O
C.A. Deri Armstrong
ECON 5500 Section Q
M.P. Blimpo
ECON 5504 Section P
P. Makdissi
ECON 5505
ECON 5507
ECON 5601 Section F
R.A. Brecher
ECON 5602 Section F
R. Razo-Garcia
ECON 5603 Section W
Z. Yu
ECON 5606 Section W
C.M. Gunn
ECON 5607 Section Q
M. Shukayev
Section P
F. Rondina
ECON 5608
ECON 5609 Section O
M. Lavoie
ECON 5700
ECON 5712 Section P
K.M. Day
ECON 5713 Section W
B.M. Chu
ECON 5801
ECON 5802
ECON 5803
ECON 5804 Section O
A.G. Heyes
ECON 5805 Section P
J.-T. Bernard
ECON 5821
ECON 5822
ECON 5840
ECON 5880 Section R
C. Freedman, W.P. Jenkins, and D. Longworth
Section U
C.S. Clark and P.T. DeVries
ECON 5902 Section S Section F Section W
ECON 5906 Section S Section F Section W
ECON 5909 Section S Section F Section W
ECON 6019 Section O
R. Pongou
ECON 6020 Section P
A. Semenov
ECON 6021 Section W
H.U. Khan
ECON 6027 Section F
L.A. Khalaf
ECON 6714 Section W
M.-C. Voia
ECON 6900 Section R
Section S
ECON 6902 Section R
Section S
ECON 6903 Section F Section W
ECON 6904 Section S Section F Section W
ECON 6905 Section R
Section S
ECON 6907 Section S Section F
P.J. Coe
Section W
P.J. Coe
ECON 6908 Section S Section F
P.J. Coe
Section W
P.J. Coe
ECON 6909 Section S Section F Section W

¹ Offered during the 2014 Summer-Fall intersession (August 15 to 29).