Louis-Philippe Morin, Director, Ottawa-Carleton Joint Doctoral Program in Economics

Patrick Coe, Associate Director, Ottawa-Carleton Joint Doctoral Program in Economics

Diane Ritchot, Operations Coordinator, Department of Economics, University of Ottawa

Alison Dailey, Graduate Administrator, Department of Economics, Carleton University

Prospective employers may also contact job-market candidates and their advisors directly via the e-mail addresses on the pages linked to from the list below. In addition, candidates may have personal Web sites (linked to from their names) where you can find their current research papers and/or associated abstracts. To inform the two departments about a job opening, internship, or other professional opportunity for graduate students, please contact Alison Dailey and Diane Ritchot.

2018–19 Job Market Candidates:

Parisa Pourkarimi

Curriculum vitae
Job-market paper:
Cooperative R&D and Advertising– The Effectiveness of R&D and Advertising
Primary fields:
• industrial organization
• game theory
• microeconomics
Marcel Voia (thesis co-supervisor)
Gamal Atallah (thesis co-supervisor)
Zhiqi Chen
Aggey Semenov
Secondary fields:
• international economics
• applied econometrics

Chenyu Wang

Curriculum vitae
Job-market paper:
The Role of Technological Innovation in Global Climate Policy
Primary fields:
• environmental economics
Michael Leslie Shiell (thesis supervisor)
Gamal Atallah (thesis co-supervisor)
Jean-François Tremblay
Secondary fields:
• industrial organizations

Abdallah Zalghout

Curriculum vitae
Job-market paper:
Identification-Robust Inequality Analysis
Primary fields:
• finite-sample econometrics
• income inequality
Lynda Khalaf (thesis supervisor)
Emmanuel Flachaire
Marcel-Cristian Voia
Secondary fields:
• applied microeconometrics

Mingying Zhu

Curriculum vitae
Job-market paper:
Air Pollution as a Cause of Sleeplessness: Social Media
Evidence from a Panel of Chinese Cities
Primary fields:
• environmental economics
• health economics
• behavioral economics
Anthony Heyes (thesis supervisor)
Matthew D. Webb
Soodeh Saberian
Secondary fields:
• applied econometrics
• theoretical econometrics

Recent Placements:

2017-2018 Samira Hasanzadeh Assistant Professor, Mount Allison University
Alexander Maslov Visiting Assistant Professor, Kennesaw State University
Sarah Mohan Development Economist, International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development, Switzerland
2016–2017 Beatriz Pereza Lopez Senior Analyst, CMHC
2015–2016 Heng Xu Associate Professor, Vice Chair of the Department of Law and Business Administration, Business School, China University of Political Science and Law
2014–2015 Muhammad Irwan Bin Ariffin Assistant Professor, International Islamic University Malaysia
Luke J. Ignaczak Economic Advisor, Transport Canada
Xiaonan Li Economist, Industry Canada
Zhenjiang Lin Assistant Professor, Shandong University
Mihailo Radoman Economist, Canada Revenue Agency
Charles J. Saunders Assistant Professor, University of Western Ontario
2013–2014 Radu-Mihail Anghel Senior Economist, Canada Revenue Agency
Wen Ci Research Analyst, Statistics Canada
Gang Li Assistant Professor, Nanjing University Business School
Marilyn Maoqiong Lin Senior Researcher, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Abeer Reza Senior Analyst, Bank of Canada